Five Keys To a Better Workplace Diet

So many people fail to sleep properly that skipping breakfast is almost expected. Don’t. To often this breeds a lethargy that demands coffee but come cup three it’s no longer working and your day is off to a very poor start. A start that often manifests itself into a quick lunch of anything without though to its nutritional content. Consequently, the rest of your day is filled with snacks of an equally dubious nutritional benefit.

No one is blaming you but this pattern leads to poor health, sloth, and stress. A condition that is difficult to break out of and provides a mind state ill prepared to help you make a change. By simply preparing a plan for your day’s food consumption you will alleviate the aforementioned negatives that accompany a poor workplace diet.

Eat Breakfast

I know it’s obvious but it requires so little effort for such promising results. Even if it is just fruit or yogurt the benefits are worth it. Don’t overdue it but your body needs something. Whether you have to wake up a touch earlier or make a quiche the night before that can easily be reheated it is important to not skip “the most important meal of the day”.

Buy Fruit

It’s cheap, often requires no preparation and gives you that needed boost throughout the day. A good rule of thumb to avoid the unhealthy offerings of the office vending machine is to put three pieces of fruit in a bowl on your desk. Paint them if you fancy it but the goal is to eat each.

A Little Fresh Air Goes a Long Ways

It’s easy to forget the outside world exists in the florescent lit cubicle world that is the modern office. Rather than banter with your co-workers, or check your Facebook, get out of your chair.

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Buy a Lunchbox and Keep it Healthy

A Lunchbox, or snackbox, whatever you prefer to call it is the best way to guarantee proper workplace eating. While there are numerous options available a few suggestions for its content.

  • A mixed bean salad or chickpea salad.
  • Bags of nuts or seeds.
  • Whole-grain breakfast cereal and non-fat milk in the office refrigerator.
  • In addition to non-fat milk, keep hard boiled eggs, raw vegetables, hummus, cottage cheese, sushi or a pre-cooked chicken breasts in the refrigerator.

Watch Your Coffee Intake

There are people who would suggest that you cut it out of your diet completely. You won’t hear  that here. However, if you can limit your intake to one or two cups a day you will be better off.

Remember that what goes up must come down, and down makes for a long work day.

A couple of quick suggestions: consider green tea as a possible compliment after your first cup or two. Also, for each cup of coffee you have drink a bottle of water. In fact, just drink more water. Don’t do it for a day but rather each day.

Why You Need A Diet That Detoxifies Your Body

Losing weight doesn’t necessarily correlate to being healthy. Cutting down on eating may pose negative impacts to your health. With all of the weight loss routines, don’t even bother.

There are negative ways of losing weight. Too much dieting may result in having gall stones and malnutrition. Some researches were conducted to study the impact of dieting on the gall bladder. With instant weight loss, the gall bladder might experience producing bile. This increases the risk of developing gall stones.

Some dieting methods do not consider proper nutrition – noticed GOLIAS. Improper nutrition may dull down the immune system.This is why we need to learn how to lose weight without severely impacting our health. There are proper ways of dieting without eliminating necessary food groups. To maintain our health, we have to maintain the recommended dietary allowance for proteins, fibers and vitamins.

Our bodies though still need fat in order to keep warm. The best way to lose weight therefore is to do it in a slow and steady pace. Instant weight loss is never healthy. Intensive dieting never works in the long run because the weight you lose by abstaining from food triggers chemical signals that tell your body to store food when ever you eat any, so, as soon as you are back to a regular diet, you start gaining weight.

Other than proper dieting, it is also important to go through detoxification. Everyday, we face off against toxins. Toxins can be found on germs as well as the food that we eat. Some of these toxins are a result of metabolism and some are extrinsic, they come from the environment like the air you breathe, the fast foods.

Detoxification can be done in several different ways. There are 3 day detox programs, master cleanse programs and water therapy programs. Detoxification means eating high fiber diets that are rich in minerals that can flush out toxins. Detox programs usually include juicing fruits.

If you are serious about your diet, go on a master cleanse detox program. It’s also called a juice fast wherein the diet relies on freshly squeezed fruits. Fresh fruit juice is healthy because it provides essential vitamins, minerals and glucose without any fats.

Aside from lowering down harmful toxins, Detox also lowers down cholesterol. With detoxifying foods, fat elimination also occurs. If you want to eat and burn fat at the same time, try oats, lentils and citrus fruits. This is a high fiber low calorie diet.

Vitamin C is used to metabolize fat, insoluble fibers reduce fat profile, and dietary fibers lower bad cholesterol. As the fats in the body are burned, slowly, we start losing weight. We have to remember, when it comes to our bodies, we cannot rush things.