Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014

“No SANDF presence in Lesotho”

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MASERU – The Prime Minister’s spokesperson Thabo Thakalekoala has cleared allegations that the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) is present in the country to provide military protection for the state.


Talking to Public Eye Online, Thakalekoala said, “No, to my knowledge the Prime Minister has not made any requests for foreign military protection.”


Senior Inspector Lebona Mohloboli also said he has no idea about the presence of SANDF in Lesotho.


Thakalekoala also stated that the Prime Minister’s meeting on Tuesday this week with Police Commissioner Khothatso Ts’ooana and his Deputy, Masupha Masupha carried on later on that day at the state house after they were denied entrance by the LDF guards when they refused to enter the grounds without their vehicles and bodyguards.  However, he continued, the LDF guards failed to give an explanation as to why they had denied the two men access to the premises.


Meanwhile, Senior Inspector Mohloboli said there were no roads closed near or around the police headquarters in Maseru.



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