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LCD tears into Thabane

Published on June 6, 2014   ·   8 Comments

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MASERU – The Lesotho Congress for Democracy (LCD) this week tore into coalition partner Prime Minister Dr Motsoahae Thabane, accusing him of running government like a one-man show.

The LCD also blasted Thabane for allegedly making crucial government decisions without consulting his coalition partners and believed it was time he was brought to order.

The party, which has since called for the mediation of the Christian Council of Lesotho (CCL), also indicated Thabane’s “despotic maneuvers” betrayed the spirit of the Coalition Agreement.

In a statement this week, the LCD warned the Prime Minister’s conduct could lead to the disintegration of the three-party coalition government.

Post the May 26, 2012 elections, and with no single party amassing enough parliamentary seats to form government, the ABC, the LCD and the Basotho National Party (BNP) partnered to form government.

The three parties issued and signed a Coalition Agreement on June 2012, outlining their basis for cooperation and tabulating guidelines on issues of governance.

It is this Agreement that the LCD are accusing Thabane of flouting, and demanding there must always be consultation between the three when it comes to making government decisions.

The party, during a press conference on Monday this week, reminded fellow partners in government that it remained the lifeline of the incumbent government.

“This is because prior to elections (May 26, 2012), we were aware that most Basotho pined for changes in government, it was upon that reality that we entered into this coalition,” LCD chairman Thabang Pheko noted during the briefing.

Pheko pointed out that Thabane’s autocratic conduct reared its head in the early life of the coalition government.

“When Senators were appointed the LCD was supposed to get four posts, as per the Coalition Agreement, but only one was presented by the prime minister,” he indicated.

This matter, Pheko said, was thrashed out in a meeting with the ABC and the BNP, and the LCD agreed to a compromise that its Senate representation remained unchanged.

The LCD further stressed it was not against the dismissal of senior government officials, but highlighted they should have been consulted as per agreement.

A disappointed Pheko said as a partner, they felt betrayed that some important decisions were made even their leader, Mothejoa Metsing, was acting prime minister but was not informed of anything “ . . . only to hear them over through the media”.



The LCD party deputy leader, Motloheloa Phooko, added the slanting of their representation in the Senate was a serious breach of the Agreement and was done in bad faith.

He also insisted this was done without any  consultation with other partners.

According to Phooko, the relocation of the Lesotho Highlands Water Project to the office of the Prime Minister from the ministry of energy was conducted without liaising with Metsing or Cabinet.

He noted on September 13, 2013, the LCD wrote to Thabane indicating to him the “unfortunate” results of the move and requesting him to reverse his unilateral decision or face the consequences of a coalition collapse.

Phooko further lashed out at Thabane for the dismissal of the principal secretary in the ministry of finance, Mr Mosito Khethisa “without any consultations with the relevant ministry, as per the agreement”.

He continued: “The government secretary (Motlatsi Ramafole), who is also secretary to cabinet, was removed without consultation with the deputy prime minister, who was also acting prime minister at the time. The cabinet heard about this in the public media.”

These acts, according to Phooko, were serious violations of consultations, collective responsibility and tenets of good governance.

Phooko also revealed that Thabane had attempted to prorogue parliament without consultation with other partners, adding, “…this was a spring of surprise to partners on issues that would have very serious repercussions on national security.”

In another show of lack of consultation among coalition partners, government had issued Attorney General Tšokolo Makhethe and Director Public Prosecution Leaba Thetsane with letters to show cause why they should not vacate their offices.

“It is a great concern that constitutional positions can be treated with such contempt and with no cabinet coalition partners’ consultation,” Phooko bemoaned.

He also disclosed that only a week ago, the Commissioner of Police Khothatso Tšooana, was summoned to deputy prime minister Metsing’s office but failed to show up.

“Approached about this matter the Commissioner requested the deputy prime minister to meet him through the minister of police, Thabane,” Phooko disclosed.

“This was the most serious act of insubordination from a law enforcement officer to a deputy prime minister one could ever expect,” he pointed out.

This refusal, according to Phooko, was very unfortunate as Metsing, who is also chairman of the Finance Committee wanted to discuss with the police their salary structure and government’s decisions on this issue.

Phooko said the LCD had written letters to Thabane on these issues but in vain, and “…we are now making the nation aware of the impulse that has developed, and we are relaying these escalating and unfortunate developments to the CCL for their intervention.”

The LCD said they had been discreet when all these autocratic decisions were being made, but believed it was time Thabane was brought to order. In the words of Pheko “…we have endured thus far, and maybe we will continue to withstand this.”

Meanwhile, the ABC secretary general and Prime Minister Motsoahae Thabane’s political advisor, Samonyane Ntsekele told Public Eye his party was ready to engage its partners into discussions to address the grievances of the LCD.

Ntsekele said even though the LCD’s stance was that they were not consulted on major decisions, the prime minister always engaged his partners in government decision-making.

“There are also some major tasks that the prime minister has assigned to LCD to do on their own, and only report back to him on how they have decided – a sign of trust, consultation and understanding,” he noted.

However, Ntsekele indicated where several people were joined together for a particular task, there could be instances during which they would agree.

“As the ABC, we cannot stop the LCD from showing their discomfort with the prime minister’s leadership style,” he continued.

But for the peace and stability of this country, the ABC was determined to come to the table with their partners to iron out their grievances.

Ntsekele highlighted the sole mission of the ABC was to ensure that the coalition government was sustained and remained stable, adding that was the desire of the Basotho.

Meanwhile, Transformation Resource Centre democracy officer Tsikoane Peshoane contends the LCD was not genuinely defending the principle but “it’s actually defending its interests and uses mishaps that have taken place within the coalition to advance those interests.”

Peshoane observed the party’s silence when ABC ministers Tšolo Temeki, Molobeli Soulo and Mophato Monyake were axed, adding the LCD has only found its voice when they see things being shaken up in its ministries.

“Sensitivities and mistrust have always been there within the coalition, when one partner undertakes good decisions, the fact that there’s this high level of mistrust, the decision will not be recognised as being good,” he pointed out.

Peshoane indicated such sensitivities have their roots in historical relationship between the LCD and the ABC, adding, “The attitude they have against the prime minister is not necessarily from what is happening today, it comes from their historical relations.”

He warned the LCD was a very dangerous partner as they had structures and stronger positions that can influence the stability of the government and protect its interests against its partners.

“They have the Speaker of the National Assembly (Sephiri Motanyane) and Leader of the House (Deputy Prime Minister, Mothetjoa Metsing),” Peshoane said.

“It is easy for the LCD to walk out because they have a fallback position in the DC. The ABC does not have that luxury and that forces them to demonstrate maturity in leadership and patience in terms of persuading its partners.

“An LCD/DC government is more likely than that of the ABC/DC.  I don’t see the possibility of the DC leader working together with that of the ABC,” he added.

Peshoane recommended the coalition government partners should start to cultivate a culture of cooperative governance in the country’s political system, adding every party should at least adhere to principles of mutual trust, consultation, transparency, and accountability.

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  1. gadaffi says:

    Chee hona ke booatla ho kafela lilemo Tse peli le le liyoyo tsa abc,tsamaeang le boele linakeling eo eleng tonakholo o tsoanetse ho etsa liqeto, polotiki ea lephako e joalo lene le sa lapile sele tsosa mohlahla.a.b.c. Hae kenye kolitsane ,athe mafapha a ho luoang ka ona a sebeletsa Li party ?a Ntse ale ho letsema lerata kelang? Kapa ke hona ho rata mejo le litulo.hobona a.b.c.( tlohelang ho nka lintho tsa linakeling le likopanye le tsamaiso ea paramente.ha le le selehe lebapala ba bang ka paramenteng lere re etseng,s.a.ebapala ka basotho le emellane le ho tseka litulo,s.a.e hobosa basotho hofeta mefuta e meng

  2. Mosotho says:

    Ka nako enngoe ke ipotsa hore ke neng Lesotho le tla busoa ke basotho ba nang le lerato la naha eseng batho ba tlileng mosebetsing.Hona hona ke bosoasoi kannete, bahlomphehi ba ‘muso oa kopanelo! Na lea tseba hore le moo lisollorong ka lebaka la menoana ea Bana ba basotho, hopolang khafa ea babatone ea letsoai la ngoana Mosotho ea sotlehileng hore le putsoe khoeli le khoeli ka mosebetsi oa lona o tjena. Ha ke bala ebile ke mamela boetapele bona ba boraro bo thabeng, LCD khale le bona liketso tsena tseo le bonts’ang ele mabaka a long a hoba mengala empa le thotse lehaele ho kopa thuso moo ho lokelehang, ho buisana kapa ho bonts’a hose khotsofale hofihlela maemo ale tjena. Na ketso ee e bontsa hore lena le ‘nete, bots’epehi le mamello? BNP! lona ke ipotsa hore le oela kae haele mona lele botoro lipakeng tsa lilae tse peli, le lona le bone ha tsena li etsahala ho ea ka tlhaloso ea ‘muelli oa BNP empa la iphapanya hofihle mona, hantle ‘nete ekae ho lona? ABC! Lona joale le busa Basotho ka mekha ea lona ea lipolotiki, ‘muso ke oa motlotlehi kapa ke oa ABC, LCD kapa BNP? Memang Molimo le ho tsebana le eena hore le etelle Basotho pele ka toka,khotso le Bots’epehi, hopolang mohlang ke ne le nka kano ka pela Molao,Borena le Basotho. Hopolang tlhobolo, bofutsana le sehloho se mahaeng koana moo le holetseng teng ha le emelletse ho sebelisa matla a lona ho hlomphollana, ho hlokelana toka le bots’epehi, ho hobosana le ho theolana litulong. Molimo Ntate ona le sepheeo ka emong le emong oa long Thabeng(paramenteng) moo hore ka hara bongata bo isang 1.8million ea Basotho ebe lona ka ho khetholoha le moo le leng teng, ha le moo molemong oa malapa a lona, metsoalle le lira empa Basotho ba bolaoang ke serame empa khafa ea babatone ea letsoai ea bonana e futhumatsa likantoro le mahae a lona 24hrs. Ke eona teboho ea lona eo? Matsoalo a rona a shoele tu! Bo ntate le Bo ‘m’e ba bohlokoa ba bapala mataese a mekha paramenteng Basotho ba lapile, ba hatsetse, ba nyoriloe ba sohlokehile, ba isoa holimo le tlase linaheng tsa boahelane.

  3. Pekane says:

    Basotho elelloang hore mona joale ho bapalloa ho rona. Lona banna ba ABC, ha le arabe taba ea LCD ea hore ba la ka ba ngolla moetapele oa lona “in vain”, instead le re joetsa hore taba tsee ke tsa khale, ebile le la hla la bona hore bora ba LCD le ABC bo tla sitisa tsoelopele ea ‘muso o?
    Buoang hoo e leng taba. Hantle LCD e ka sitoa ho tseka tse etsahalang ka hara ABC kaha ha e na boikarabelo holimo motheo oa ABC, linthong tse kang ho fetoloa hoa matona. Sena le tla se bona le lona, LCD e ‘nile ea etsa liphetoho tse joalo.

    LCD, lona ha lea kopa lipuisano keng hore bonyane le bue se le re “re ne re le phuthehong le bona ea ba ha re atlehe ho fihlela liqeto tse nepahetseng”?

    Mohato oa ho kenyeletsa CCL kea o rata hobane o bonts’a ts’epo ea thapelo tharollong ea mathata.

  4. lechesa says:

    good people, let metsing go, coz whr ever he go he wil alwyz quit but very unfortunately he wil go alone no one wil follow him.metsing o bontsitse bofokoli ba hae ka tsela e felletseng.joale ha ele mosisili ena o thabile joale ka ngoana lesea hoba ha a rate lesotho le basotho,

  5. pompi says:

    le a kene ka eng manasi ka democracy hoba hase ntho ea bona liforo o tlo etsa qomatsi

  6. pompi says:

    Ha le ne rera ho kopanela puso le nele re le soetsa motho eseng ho hong.Joale le re isa morao,che Metsing o entse bolehe ka ho kopanela puso le manasi.Joale bona he e se e le teng koeoko,qomatsi,li lipolao.

  7. Lepai says:

    Ke hauhela rona ba kojoana li mahetleng, rona ba re le khethetseng ho tsamatsamaisa lintho ka nepo hore bofuma ba qhephe, empa phiri e tsoele ka kokong la nku joale.-+

  8. Pshino says:

    Ladies and gentlemen sometimes we have to face reality where deemed necessary, taking side would not take us anywhere and thats the very reason we Basotho fail in most of the faced challenges. I blame whole coalition government for not abiding and respecting their rewritten agreements as to achieve the mandate. I just see lack of leadership skills, bad government decision making and lack of team work. So lets come up with advices and solution and stop adding salt to wound.

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